Improving sleep quality

Recent statistics indicate as many as one in three people experience insomnia.

This series of three lunchtime workshops for University of Nottingham staff will explore evidence-based factors that influence sleep and potential lifestyle changes that can improve it.

There is increasing evidence that lack of sleep can impact on cancer risk, obesity, heart health and overall mortality risk.

Sleep is vitally important for our health and quality of life. Reported benefits of good quality sleep are that we can become cleverer, more attractive, slimmer, happier and healthier!

Join Dr Karen E Neil MRPharmSGB, Associate Tutor, Professional Development, University of Nottingham, to learn more about the impact of physiology and lifestyle factors on sleep and explore whether mindfulness really can help insomnia.

Attending all three workshops is recommended, although booking for one session is also possible.

  • Workshop 1 – 12:30pm, Tuesday 30 April: Fight or flight – noticing the impact of physiology and lifestyle factors on sleep
  • Workshop 2 – 12:30pm, Tuesday 7 May: Letting go – can mindfulness really help insomnia?
  • Workshop 3 – 12:30pm, Tuesday 14 May: Awareness of the body – explore methods for releasing tension in the body and discover research-based tips to improve sleep quality.

Presented as part of Month of the Mind.

Places should be booked individually for each event, via

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