Upcoming Events - Community

Summer graduation plant sale

30 July 2019

Come along to the Summer Graduation Plant Sale from 10.30am-2.30pm, Tuesday 30 July 2019.

Wreath making

5 — 6 December 2019

Get ready for the festive season with our Christmas wreath making workshop, using foraged and hedge row materials.

Horticultural Workshop

26 October 2019

Come and join Friends of Jubilee Campus in planting bulbs, naturalising some of the campus woodlands and wooded areas.

History and Development of Jubilee Campus with Professor John Beckett

19 November 2019

In this talk, Professor John Beckett will draw upon work he has undertaken since the 1990’s to show how the campus came to be where it is today, and what was there before.

A landscape walk through Jubilee Campus

7 September 2019

Join Friends of Jubilee Campus on a walk around the campus, taking in horticultural delights along […]

Bat Walk with Paul Stone

29 August 2019

As the sun sets enjoy a walk through University Park and adore the delights of the night sky.

Bat walk

30 August 2019

Enjoy a walk through University Park as the sun sets, and adore the delights of the night sky.

Houses and their occupants on University Park

12 November 2019

This talk looks at some of the houses which are now part of University Park, and the business and professional families who lived in them, including many famous and interesting people.

Wild foraging for food

5 October 2019

Join ‘The Friends of University Park’ in a hunt for wild food from our fields and hedgerows.

Heritage character encounters

5 October 2019

Join us for a guided heritage tour around the grounds of some of University Park’s historic houses.