Upcoming Events - Public lectures & seminars

Propulsion Futures Beacon modelling workshop: How can computational chemistry assist your research?

27 June 2018

Come along to this event and present a research project where you believe computational chemistry could have an impact.

Cuckoo Collaborative, a different sort of MSc project!

21 June 2018

Bringing the science of brewing to life through recipe development, production and launch into the ‘real world’.

Power, Knowledge, Algorithm

29 May 2018

A workshop presented by the Centre for Critical Theory in association with the Digital Cultures Research Network

Child readers and their books in nineteenth-century Britain

26 July 2018

Colin Heywood, Emeritus Professor of Modern French History at the University of Nottingham, focuses on the society and culture in which children were raised in the 19th century.

Invisible storytellers: Cinderella, Pinocchio and the remarkable role of translators in the history of British children’s literature

5 July 2018

It is easy to forget the role of a translator in producing English versions of many children’s tales. In this talk, Gillian Lathey introduces some of these invisible storytellers and pays homage to their neglected craft.

Book launch: global capitalism, global war, global crisis

20 June 2018

With co-authors Andreas Bieler, University of Nottingham and Adam David Morton, University of Sydney,

‘My experience as a transgender woman’ with Jessica Lynn

29 May 2018

Presented as part of Month of the Mind 2018, we are delighted to welcome Jessica Lynn, international speaker and outspoken advocate for transgender issues, to the University on Tuesday 29 May.

The technology and national dynamics of energy transitions

5 June 2018

A lecture investigating time in global and national energy transitions. Featuring Ben Sovacool, Professor of Energy Policy, University of Sussex.