Upcoming Events - Public lectures & seminars

Science Public Lecture Series: Tens of thousands of galaxies at a glance

16 January 2020

In this talk, Meghan will tell the story of how some chance weather on a mountaintop in Chile led to the work that would take up the next 15 years of her career.

Trust Me, I’m a Philosopher

21 January 2020

This lecture will explore philosophical analyses of the nature of trust and their relevance to both wider society and work in other disciplines.

Food Tales – Food and poverty: a challenge for our time

25 March 2020

Food Tales is a series of free talks from the University of Nottingham’s Future Food Beacon […]

Food Tales – Doing things differently: Can a small bakery make big changes?

26 February 2020

Food impacts our lives and we all have stories to share about it.

Pharmaceutics: Science, Art and Interfaces

16 December 2019

In this inaugural lecture Professor Snow Stolnik will review his work surrounding new drug formulations for use in future medicines.