Upcoming Events - Public lectures & seminars

Not under conditions of their own choosing

15 May 2019

Youth transitions, place and history with Professor Robert MacDonald.

Conceptualising vulnerability in police custody

22 May 2019

For this lecture, presented by The Criminal Justice Research Centre, Dr Roxanna Dehaghani discuss her research into ‘vulnerability in police custody’.

Inaugural lecture: Professor Neil Coulson

10 May 2019

Neil Coulson, Professor of Health Psychology in the School of Medicine, University of Nottingham will be delivering his inaugural professorial lecture “Peer support in the digital era”.

Institute for the Study of Slavery Annual Public Lecture

25 April 2019

Caribbean Slavery, Capitalism and the Making of Modern Britain in the Long Eighteenth Century with Professor Trevor Burnard, University of Melbourne.

3D Printing — tool or toy?

30 April 2019

Over recent years, 3D printing has found tremendous global resonance as a novel technology, but it now needs to demonstrate its capability to reliably deliver value in real-life applications.

Gender equality in science — why is it still so slow?

24 April 2019

The progression of women academics across nearly all scientific organisations is significantly hindered when compared to men, resulting in an enormous loss of talent.

The impact of brain injury on education: what SENCOs and teachers need to know

1 May 2019

Presented by Dr Emily Bennett and Dr Emily Talbot, Paediatric Neuropsychology Service, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Inaugural Lecture: Professor Gregor Tanner

30 May 2019

Good vibrations – wave asymptotics from quantum chaos to noisy tractors.

Royal Academy of Engineering Lecture ‘Tissue Engineering Scaffolds – The “Pore” Relations’

2 May 2019

The University of Nottingham is proud to be hosting this year’s RAEng East Midlands Regional Lecture.

Translation technology in education — facilitator or risk?

5 July 2019

An event aimed at students, teachers, assessors, policy makers and ethics officers in secondary and tertiary education.