Upcoming Events - Public lectures & seminars

Nottingham Digitally Engaged: Has COVID-19 changed evidence based policymaking?

16 November 2020

An online panel discussion: How has the necessity to react to COVID-19 changed the nature of our engagement with policymakers?”

Conversations on race in science and medicine: what can we learn from history today?

23 October 2020

The School of Life Sciences is celebrating Black History Month with an event that explores race […]

Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020: Policy Impact in a digital world

17 November 2020

An online workshop with external and internal experts to discuss how to achieve policy impact through digital means.

Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020: Public engagement in a digital world

18 November 2020

An online workshop with external and internal experts to discuss how to engage with the public through digital means

Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020: Citizen Science

25 November 2020

A look into how to engage people all over the globe in research projects and how you can use Citizen Science in your research.

Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020: Sustainability research, policymakers and the public

26 November 2020

Webinar on how policy can help sustainability across several sectors and advice on best practise when engaging with policy-makers and public.

Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020: Grant Writing

23 November 2020

An online webinar advising on best practise when writing grant applications incorporating policy impact and engagement.

Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020: Tri-campus Roundtable

17 November 2020

Chaired by Vice Chancellor Professor Shearer West, the roundtable will explore policy and public engagement activity during the pandemic.

Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020: Hyper-local engagement

19 November 2020

An online webinar with external and internal experts to debate approaches to hyper-local engagement.

What is the ‘Black Student Experience’? An Open Conversation

22 October 2020

This one-off event is designed to create an open conversation about what the ‘Black student experience’ […]