Upcoming Events - Conferences & workshops

AI and chemistry: a greener future

20 June 2024

Join us to learn about how we can use AI to address these problems and how we can encourage chemists to use our tools to make their chemistry greener.

Empowering Us All: A Conference on the Importance of Wellbeing in the Workplace

25 — 26 June 2024

This online conference is for anyone who is interested in exploring the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.

Exploring our universe through different senses

20 July 2024

In this interactive family talk, Jez Turner, Assistant Professor in the Department for Foundation Engineering & Physical Sciences, explores how most of our Solar System and the Universe is not just what we see with visible light.

Smart spiders

7 July 2024

In this family-friendly talk, Sara L. Goodacre, Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Genetics, will reveal how spiders use their amazing skills, and explain what it is that we still don’t quite understand about them.

The wonders of the human heart

30 June 2024

Join Aishah Nasir and Chris Denning from the Biodiscovery Institute here at the University of Nottingham to learn about the wonders of the human heart.

The Byron 200 Lecture

27 June 2024

Join us for a lively panel discussion, chaired by Associate Professor Richard Gaunt from the Department of History at University of Nottingham. 

Legal and General webinar series: an introduction to responsible investing

4 July 2024

This webinar is suitable for members of all ages who would like to learn more about responsible investing.