Upcoming Events - Conferences & workshops

Nottingham Women Expert Network

23 May 2019

The next event for the Nottingham Women Expert Network will take place on 23 May.

Stroke research workshop

23 July 2019

Stroke survivors and carers are invited to share their unique personal experience of the impact of stroke at a workshop.

RDSEM application workshop

13 June 2019

A workshop for clinicians, allied health professionals, academics and researchers who are currently making (or considering) a research funding application to the NIHR.

Translation Technology in Education – Facilitator or Risk?

5 July 2019

Automated translation services such as Google Translate have become widely available at no cost. Given the technology’s capacity, to some it may be a shortcut to circumvent language acquisition, while to others it may be a facilitator to learning.

SCUTREA Conference 2019

2 — 4 July 2019

Adult Education 100: Reflections and Reconstructions

Politics as a location: new frontiers of political research

20 June 2019

As political practice becomes increasingly unsettled, it is necessary for those who research it to engage with new challenges and analyse them from new angles.

19th Indonesia Scholar International Convention

22 — 23 June 2019

The Indonesian Scholars International Convention (ISIC) is an annual event for the Indonesian Students Association. 

The future of food surplus, food waste, and new models of social eating

20 June 2019

A symposium bringing together stakeholders across business and society to discuss food waste success stories — and map out the possibility of future collaboration across sectors.

Statistics teaching conference: registration and invitation to contribute

27 June 2019

A free one-day conference on teaching statistics to non-specialists.

Summer School 2019 – Development Aid and Migration

24 — 28 June 2019

The Human Rights Law Centre Summer School is a unique, expert-led programme and provides participants with the intellectual skills and instruments to understand the complex nexus between development aid, migration policy and food security.