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Appraisal and Development Conversations (ADC) Update

The University announced reforms to PDPR and the launch of the new Appraisal and Development Conversations […]

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Student using the Student Service Centre

Staff Pay Awards 2019/20

The University has confirmed details of pay awards to staff for 2019/20. These ensure that the […]

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Update on Research Information System (RIS) Implementation

As Programme Sponsor I would like to start this update by thanking everyone who has been […]

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Spotlight on… legal and compliance issues[CANCELLED]

An update from Legal and Compliance on key changes and issues to be aware of.

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Spotlight on… dealing with difficult situations

This session will combine suggested approaches for recognising potential people issues and how to manage them.

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Spotlight on… building confidence as a leader – recognising imposter phenomenon

This session will explore ‘Imposter phenomenon’ and approaches that can help to build the confidence to overcome this.

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Spotlight on… succession planning

This session will provide the background to succession planning and how it can support career development and inform workforce planning.

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Spotlight on… performance management conversations

This is an interactive session discussing a selection performance conversations and different approaches to use.

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Spotlight on… strategy, planning and performance

This Spotlight On … session will help colleagues to understand the University approach to Strategic Planning.

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Spotlight on… clean language for teams – a communication approach

This Spotlight session explores the topic of communication using a technique called “clean language”.

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