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Future Food beacon day

Come and listen to how the new genomics equipment made available through the Future Foods beacon could benefit your research.

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Quantity or quality

The mechanisms stimulating muscle growth and the consequences for the food we choose to eat: Inaugural lecture by Professor Tim Parr.

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Farewell and good luck to Professor Jerry Roberts

Professor Jeremy – Jerry – Roberts will be leaving the University after 38 years to take […]

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Designer dragons and transgenic triffids, or, the power of the (genetic) imagination

In this lecture, Sean May, School of Biosciences, will explore the evolution of genetic engineering technology. Part of the Popular Culture Lecture Series.

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Photosynthesis: the engine of food production

Dr Erik Murchie, Associate Professor in the School of Biosciences, presents ‘Photosynthesis: the engine of food production’. Part of the Science Public Lecture Series.

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“Feed me!” – hidden hunger in plants and people

In this inaugural lecture, Professor Martin Broadley will describe how plant evolution, compounded by profound geographical factors (physical and cultural), causes widespread human micronutrient deficiencies across the globe.

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Life in earth: insights into the biological engine of the soil

In this inaugural lecture, Professor Ritz will reveal some new views of the normally unseen underworld, and explain how understanding the origins and consequences of soil biodiversity can provide a means for us to manage, monitor and protect soils more effectively.

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Chocolate: a mouthfeel sensation

As part of the Science Public Lecture Series, Dr Bettina Wolf presents ‘Chocolate: a mouthfeel sensation’.

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Students make British history

Eighty-four students made history on 22 July 2011 when they graduated from the first purpose-built vet school in Britain for 50 years.

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