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Beyond Jell-O: New gel-like materials that instruct cells and repair damaged tissues

In this lecture, Dr Okesola will showcase how he and his team have created soft materials that resemble Jell-O (jelly) to repair damaged tissues and explore why we have cancer.

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Examining the scientific evidence of the mantra ‘That which does not kill us…’

In this talk, Dr Laura Blackie will discuss the extent to which the scientific evidence supports that individuals’ perceptions of post-traumatic growth are aligned with reality, and the challenges in studying this phenomena with the scientific method.


Observing using the Isaac Newton Telescope. You just press the button, right?

Come along to our February public science lecture to learn what it takes to set up and use a professional telescope with Dr Julian Onions.

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Close encounters of the small kind: a journey into the microscopic world

Join Dr Luke Norman for a captivating journey into the microscopic world as we explore the fascinating subject of electron microscopy and its profound potential for outreach.

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Sex, Drugs and Water Inequality

Water is our global currency and we are all water consumers, but what happens to the water we use? How are we managing global challenges that include pharmaceutical drugs, sex hormones, and plastic pollution in our waters?

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Soot: The widespread past, present, and future of a man-made nanoparticle

This public lecture we look at how soot affected us in the past, how it affects us today, and how we can gain a better understanding of it.

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Crazy interstellar rockets

A public lecture by Dr Julian Onions – Part of the Science Public Lecture Series

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Mathematical Matters of the Heart

In this lecture, we’ll look at how mathematical models and computer simulations of the heart can help us understand how it works, and how they are being used to predict how new medicines will affect the heart.

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Why and how the UK should be powered by offshore wind [CANCELLED]

This event will see Professor Seamus Garvey discuss how and why the UK should be powered by offshore wind

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Science Public Lecture Series: Tens of thousands of galaxies at a glance

In this talk, Meghan will tell the story of how some chance weather on a mountaintop in Chile led to the work that would take up the next 15 years of her career.

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