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Beyond Jell-O: New gel-like materials that instruct cells and repair damaged tissues

In this lecture, Dr Okesola will showcase how he and his team have created soft materials that resemble Jell-O (jelly) to repair damaged tissues and explore why we have cancer.

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5th International Conference on Food Oral Processing

A conference bringing together delegates from both industry and academia and covers the physical, physiological and psychological aspects of eating and oral processing.

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UK conference on Multiscale Biology

This international meeting will bring together scientists addressing multiscale phenomena across a range of biological systems, and crossing spatial scales from molecules to populations of organisms.

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The Benefits of Fungal Sex

In this inaugural lecture, Professor Paul S Dyer, BA, MA, PhD, will speak on the topic of ‘The Benefits of Fungal Sex’. Professor Dyer is Professor of Fungal Biology, School of Life Sciences.

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Causes and consequences of soil microbial diversity

Researchers and students are warmly welcomed to this free event where we will be joined by Dr Joana Falcao Salles, University of Groningen, as part of our antimicrobial resistance visiting scholar seminar series.

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101 ways to kill a fungus

In this lecture, Simon Avery, Professor of Eukaryotic Microbiology in the School of Life Sciences, discusses ‘101 ways to kill a fungus’.

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Designer dragons and transgenic triffids, or, the power of the (genetic) imagination

In this lecture, Sean May, School of Biosciences, will explore the evolution of genetic engineering technology. Part of the Popular Culture Lecture Series.

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Synthetic biology: great expectations and great responsibilities

Organised by Professor Brigitte Nerlich as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, this panel debate will be chaired by the scientist and broadcaster Adam Rutherford, author of the book ‘Creation: How science is reinventing life itself’ (2013) and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s flagship science programme, ‘Inside Science’.

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Third symposium on primary breast cancer in older women

With an overall aim to personalise the management of primary breast cancer in older women, this event seeks to develop an in-depth understanding around biology and treatment options and more.

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Synthetic biology: engineering life for a better world

In this Responsible Research and Innovation lecture, Professor Paul Martin from the University of Sheffield tackles ‘Synthetic biology: engineering life for a better world’. Admission free, all welcome.

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