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Mathematics Postgraduate Open Day – 20 November

Mathematics Postgraduate open days are a great starting point for those Interested in postgraduate study in mathematical sciences

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Gravitational waves 2: the Universe’s symphony

Dr Helvi Witek, School of Mathematical Sciences, will deliver the lecture ‘Gravitational waves 2: the Universe’s symphony’. Part of the Science Public Lecture Series.

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Gravitational waves 1: from Newton’s law to black holes and spacetime ripples

Dr Thoma Sotiriou, School of Mathematical Sciences and School of Physics and Astronomy, will speak on the topic of ‘Gravitational waves: from Newton’s law to black holes and spacetime ripples’.

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Causes and consequences of soil microbial diversity

Researchers and students are warmly welcomed to this free event where we will be joined by Dr Joana Falcao Salles, University of Groningen, as part of our antimicrobial resistance visiting scholar seminar series.

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Bridging the Gaps: Challenge Day with Severn Trent Water

Free event for researchers interested in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) or in the potential to apply engineering and physical science methods in that context.

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Launch of the Antimicrobial Resistance Grant

An open invitation to researchers interested in novel and cross-disciplinary research into antimicrobial resistance.

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School of Mathematical Sciences postgraduate open day

This informal event is a great opportunity to find out about life as a postgraduate student in the School of Mathematical Sciences. We will be hosting detailed information sessions where you can hear more about taught and research degrees and the different funding options available.

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Journal rankings: why (and how) should we care?

The East Midlands local group of the Royal Statistical Society will hold a meeting at the University of Nottingham on Thursday 8 October. The guest speaker will be Professor David Firth, University of Warwick, who will speak on the topic “Journal rankings: Why (and how) should we care?”

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