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Quizasaurus night

Are you a Diplodocus or a walking Theasaurus? Help us hatch our baby dinosaur and join us for our PALE-ALE-ONTOLOGY Quiz!

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The dinosaurs are coming – help us hatch our baby dinosaur!

A world-exclusive dinosaur exhibition is coming to Nottingham this summer. The ‘Dinosaurs of China’ exhibition will […]

Appears in Portal pic

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Designer dragons and transgenic triffids, or, the power of the (genetic) imagination

In this lecture, Sean May, School of Biosciences, will explore the evolution of genetic engineering technology. Part of the Popular Culture Lecture Series.

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Feathers: a dinosaur vision for Wollaton

Following on an exhibition at Wollaton Park in summer 2014, Dr Wang Qi presents ‘Feathers: a dinosaur vision for Wollaton’. Part of the Science public lecture series.

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