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Sex, Drugs and Water Inequality

Water is our global currency and we are all water consumers, but what happens to the water we use? How are we managing global challenges that include pharmaceutical drugs, sex hormones, and plastic pollution in our waters?

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From memory to mind uploading

Join Angela Thornton as she explores a hypothetical futuristic world where brains can be emulated, augmented and uploaded.

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Will a Robot take my Job? Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

A new industrial revolution is upon us, as intelligent machines take the place of humans across […]

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Mathematical Matters of the Heart

In this lecture, we’ll look at how mathematical models and computer simulations of the heart can help us understand how it works, and how they are being used to predict how new medicines will affect the heart.

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Mending a broken heart: researching cardiovascular disease [Cancelled]

This event, the next in our series of science public lectures will discuss cardiovascular disease and the research being done in this area. 

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Physics and scuba diving

Part of the Science Public Lecture series, supported by the British Science Association Nottinghamshire Branch

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3D bioprinting: a new tool for making replacement tissues and in vitro models

3D bioprinting has emerged as a new tool for fabricating functional replacement tissues and ultimately organs.

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Darwin’s oncology legacy

Join us for a lecture on Darwin’s oncology legacy, given by Dr. Ruman Rahman, Assistant Professor, Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre at the University of Nottingham.

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Bits and bytes: when horses meet computers

Come along to this science public lecture with speakers Dr Mandy Roshier, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Medicine and Science, and Dr Steve North, Research Fellow, Computer Science.

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