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The future of food surplus, food waste, and new models of social eating

A symposium bringing together stakeholders across business and society to discuss food waste success stories — and map out the possibility of future collaboration across sectors.

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Wild foraging for food

Join ‘The Friends of University Park’ in a hunt for wild food from our fields and hedgerows.

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Feast or famine: 25 years of research in crop science

Inaugural lecture by Professor Debbie Sparkes, Professor of Agronomy, School of Biosciences.

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Healthy eating workshops

As part of the University’s Wellbeing Programme and to mark World Health Day 2018, we are offering staff the chance to attend a Healthy Eating Workshop.

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James Wong: How to eat better

James Wong gives a straight-talking guide to making everyday foods healthier and tastier.

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Quantity or quality

The mechanisms stimulating muscle growth and the consequences for the food we choose to eat: Inaugural lecture by Professor Tim Parr.

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Women’s Staff Network Christmas Fair

Join the School of Health Sciences and the Women’s Staff Network for a day of festivities including Christmas gift stalls, food and music.

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Coming soon – DailyBites: Pre-pay. Eat food. Save money.

Sign up for DailyBites to get £27 to spend every week, at any time, at over […]

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Mindfulness in the workplace – CANCELLED

Come along to a workshop which discusses mindfulness in the workplace led by Dr Edward Sellman, School of Education. This session reviews the evidence of impact of three years of provision of mindfulness skills programmes in the workplace and makes recommendations on how mindfulness can be integrated into organisational approaches.

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Mindful eating

Take part in a workshop focussing on mindful eating. This session will be run by counsellor and mindfulness teacher Mel Wraight.

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