Exploring the role of the body in digital learning environments

The School of Education and Dr Sara Price, Department of Culture, Communication and Media in the Institute of Education, University College London, present this seminar.

Blurb from Dr Price: The increased availability of advanced technologies, such as touch screens, Kinect, and mobile technologies, raise important questions about their role for children’s interaction and learning. In particular they reconfigure embodied forms of interaction, where physical context, bodily action, and sensory experience are brought to the fore. This highlights the need for research to adopt an analytical focus on the body in order to expand and extend non-language based methodological approaches to understand meaning making in these spaces.

Drawing on examples from my research I will present a set of studies that address this need by combining a multimodal analytical approach with quasi-experimental methods to examine bodily interaction in digital environments. Through the research findings I will explore the benefits of this approach to understanding bodily interaction in emergent digital learning environments as well as challenges for future research.

Admission free, all welcome. To attend, please contact educationresearchstaff@nottingham.ac.uk

For more information, visit the School of Education website.

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