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The RAIDING project: Designing a mobile game to promote arithmetic fluency

A School of Education Seminar hosted by the Learning Sciences Research Institute

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Women Leading Education

A group of esteemed scholars from across five continents will present their research in the field of gender and women in educational leadership.

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Teacher training information session

Learn about our teaching courses, including how to apply and what to include in your application to make it stand out.

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Supporting children with Hearing Impairment in the mainstream classroom

We’ll describe how young people with hearing loss can reach their potential through appropriate hearing technologies and an inclusive school environment. Through case studies we’ll explore key challenges in the early years, primary and at secondary along with some practical strategies to support them.

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The Role of Conductive Education in an Early Years Setting

This seminar will look at some of the effects of brain injuries on learning and will focus on how the parents of children with brain injuries can be involved in their child’s development.

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Supporting Students with Dyslexia

A seminar presented by Samantha McFarlane and Joanna Parkes, Learning Support Team, Inclusive Education Service, Nottingham City.

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Inspiring Teaching: what we can learn from exemplary practitioners

A Centre for Research in Educational Leadership and Management (CRELM) seminar presented by Professor Pam Sammons, Department of Education, University of Oxford.

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Supporting children with autism in mainstream schools

Presented by Judith Morgan, Autism Team Lead, Nottingham City, as part of the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Seminar Series 2017/8.

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