Exploring the geographies of the global fashion industry. [Postponed]

Please be aware this event has been postponed

Hosted by the Nottingham branch of the Geographical Association – School of Education and School of Geography.

Presented by Louise Crewe, Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Student Experience) and Professor of Human Geography, University of Nottingham.

Join Louise on a journey that connects people, places and objects together in ways that are scarcely imaginable. The fashion industry brings certain spaces, places and people into high relief, whilst masking the global inequalities, abuses of labour standards and environmental catastrophes that underpin the industry.

The lecture argues for a relational view of scale that begins to break down many of the assumptions about discrete fashion spaces. It reveals the complex connections between bodies and economy, between life and capital.

That which seems most priceless – sentient life – is being commodified and marketised in important ways. The distinctions between fast and slow, luxury and discount, here and there, begin to unravel during the course of this lecture, revealing a number of unequal and unsettling geographies in the making.

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