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Adapting our cities to climate change: a blue-green vision

In this lecture, Dr Emily O’Donnell will explore how barriers to BGI may be overcome to enable blue-green visions for cities to be realised.

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We are workers, not slaves: Examining forced labour in Argentina and in the UK

With almost forty five million people across the world classed as modern slaves, why is this horrific reality seemingly on the rise? Which groups of people are most vulnerable to it? In which sectors is it most common? In which countries do we find the highest levels? This session will answer these questions through a focus on Nick’s research in Argentina and the UK, and show how geography is at the forefront of the fight against modern slavery.

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Discover the School of Geography Map Collection on NUsearch

Maps in the School of Geography’s extensive collection are now searchable via the University’s library discovery […]

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Teaching staff reflect on the first week of term

Over the last few months University staff have been working relentlessly to adapt process, systems and […]

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Exploring the geographies of the global fashion industry. [Postponed]

Join Professor Louise Crewe on a journey that connects people, places and objects together in ways that are scarcely imaginable. The fashion industry brings certain spaces, places and people into high relief, whilst masking the global inequalities, abuses of labour standards and environmental catastrophes that underpin the industry.

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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Simon Gosling

The global climate crisis: defining the issue and identifying solutions.

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Bang to Rights: The Potential and Reality of Environmental Rights on the Front Line

Hosted by the Nottingham branch of the Geographical Association – School of Education and School of Geography.

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The unnatural natural: plastic alternatives and the problems they pose

Researchers from the University of Nottingham have found a much higher percentage of ‘natural’ fibres than microplastic fibres in freshwater and atmospheric samples in the UK.

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Geographies of money: Chinese finance in London

In this lecture, Professor Sarah Hall will discuss the changing nature of London as one of the world’s leading international financial centres.

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Globalisation and empire: global governance, colonial India and 1930s London

This lecture will introduce debates about whether imperialism was the first phase of globalisation, and how empires and the League of Nations offered different models of global governance in the 1920-30s.

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