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Health and wellbeing in Nottingham during the 2022 heatwave

In this talk, Dr Charles Ogunbode will share findings from recent research into lived experiences of the 2022 heatwave among communities in Nottingham.

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Adapting our cities to climate change: a blue-green vision

In this lecture, Dr Emily O’Donnell will explore how barriers to BGI may be overcome to enable blue-green visions for cities to be realised.

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COP26: an opportunity for our community to come together and help tackle climate change

COP26 takes to the world stage from Monday 1 November, as global leaders and citizens come […]

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What do we talk about when we talk about climate?

Join the School of Geography for The Hayman Rooke Lecture in Environmental Humanities, ‘What do we talk about when we talk about climate?’

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Who pays to avoid climate change, and how much does it cost?

Climate change economics predominantly frames climate policy as an inter-generational problem, which requires current generations to sacrifice their own material well-being for the future, and makes environmental outcomes dependent on ethical, economic, and geo-physical considerations. In this lecture, Professor Armon Rezai will review the assumption and arguments underlying Utilitarian cost-benefit analysis and present mechanisms of avoiding the climate sacrifice. Refocusing the climate debate in this manner emphasizes conflicts within rather than between generations.

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Situating internationalism in the atmospheric sciences: histories, geographies, climates and change

As part of the Institute for Science and Society seminar series, we are delighted to welcome Dr Martin Mahony to deliver a seminar around internationalism in the atmospheric sciences.

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