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[Postponed] Travel and otherness

Jean Xavier’s presentation will show the importance of travel narratives in the evolution of contemporary thinking about the Other.

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POSTPONED: Time and Nothingness: Image and Temporality through the Lens of Buddhism

In this presentation, Dr Victor Fan, Senior Lecturer for Film Studies at King’s College, first expounds how Buddhist philosophy can help scholars re-evaluate what cinema and media are and what exactly they are constituting and mediating.

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Trust Me, I’m a Philosopher

This lecture will explore philosophical analyses of the nature of trust and their relevance to both wider society and work in other disciplines.

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Why punish? Exploring the philosophy of punishment

Professor Rob Canton, De Montfort University and author of ‘Why Punish? An Introduction to the Philosophy of Punishment’ speaks about some of the key themes explored in his recent book.

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Trust Me, I’m a Philosopher: Why trust matters in business and how philosophy can help

Join us for the first Ingenuity breakfast event of 2018 when Dr Jonathan Tallant returns to our breakfast programme – this time to explore the theme of trust.

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Haters gonna hate, hate, hate? Taylor Swift’s Deleuzean repetition and affirmation of love

This lecture offers an interpretation of Taylor Swift’s music through the theme of ‘repetition’, and using Swift’s work to introduce Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy of repetition and difference. Part of the Popular Culture Lecture Series.

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Discipline and punish: Foucault, BDSM & his philosophy of power

University of Nottingham Associate Professor Dr Max Biddulph aims to audit Foucault’s interest in BDSM, his involvement in the gay men’s leather scene in San Francisco in the early 1970s and assess its contribution to his ‘forensic understanding’ of both the artefacts and conduits of power.

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