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Brothers in arms: Sexuality, men and intimacies in the Great War

With Dr Max Biddulph, Associate Professor, School of Education.

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Histories of Religion and Sexuality, c. 1500 to the present

A conference for scholars working on the intersection of religion, gender, and sexuality.

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Celebrate LGBT History Month 2016

February is LGBT History Month, and The University of Nottingham is taking the opportunity to celebrate […]

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Discipline and punish: Foucault, BDSM & his philosophy of power

University of Nottingham Associate Professor Dr Max Biddulph aims to audit Foucault’s interest in BDSM, his involvement in the gay men’s leather scene in San Francisco in the early 1970s and assess its contribution to his ‘forensic understanding’ of both the artefacts and conduits of power.

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The B word? Visibility and inclusion of bisexuality

The University of Nottingham welcomes Dr Christina Richards, Psychotherapist and Senior Specialist Psychology Associate and Clinical Research Fellow, to discuss perceptions of bisexuality within society.

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It’s easy being a gay scientist

Professor Tom Welton, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperial College London, presents the lecture ‘It’s easy being a gay scientist’.

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