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Citizens of the Third Reich – Everyday Betrayals and the Pink Triangle Prisoners of Sachsenhausen

Dr Max Biddulph, Associate Professor in the School of Education, launches LGBT History Month 2017 with a public lecture. Join us for an exploration of the experiences of pink-triangle prisoners at Sachsenhausen and how social context impacts on our concept of citizenship. How does living in a totalitarian regime influence the behaviour of its citizens, and what are the implications for contemporary societies?

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Discipline and punish: Foucault, BDSM & his philosophy of power

University of Nottingham Associate Professor Dr Max Biddulph aims to audit Foucault’s interest in BDSM, his involvement in the gay men’s leather scene in San Francisco in the early 1970s and assess its contribution to his ‘forensic understanding’ of both the artefacts and conduits of power.

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Celebrating LGBT History Month

The University is celebrating LGBT History Month with a series of events celebrating its LGBT staff […]

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The Enigma problem – Alan Turing and the British establishment

Join Dr Max Biddulph, Chair of the LGBTQ Staff Network, and Professor David Brailsford, School of Computer Science, for a public lecture addressing ‘The Enigma problem – Alan Turing and the British establishment’. Part of LGBT History Month.

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Young men and the (im)possibility of effective school-based HIV education?

Dr Max Biddulph, Associate Professor in Education and Counselling, delivers a lecture in support of World AIDS Day 2014.

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