What is Islam? An educational talk + Q&A

The Theology Society invites you to explore the religion of Islam, answering questions such as:

  • How long has Islam existed?
  • How does the religion differ from Christianity and Judaism?
  • Who was their Prophet?
  • What is the difference between Sunni and Shia?

This talk is not aimed at theology students, nor does it aim to convert, but simply to expand your knowledge base of the world’s second largest religion. Islam is relevant to so many current issues, and an accurate understanding of those issues requires an accurate understanding of Islam. The talk will cover the central tenets of Islam, its history and its denominations. There will be an extended question and answer session immediately after the talk during which sensitive and honest questions will be encouraged. It would be a great opportunity to ask a Muslim how, for instance, issues of women and the veil, jihad, and ISIS relate back (if at all) to Islamic theology.

This talk will be given by academic and practicing Muslim Dr Harith Bin Ramli.

Free, all welcome. Visit the Theology Society Facebook page for more information.

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