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Forced Migration, Political Power and the Book of Jeremiah: Thinking Theologically with the Bible

The Centre for Bible, Ethics and Theology (CBET) will host a one-day interdisciplinary workshop on the Book of Jeremiah.

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What is Catholicism? TheoSoc talk and Q&A

In line with the other successful talks on world religions, TheoSoc presents a talk about the oft-misunderstood largest denomination of Christianity. As with the others, the purpose of this talk is to introduce people of different faiths or of no faith to the denomination. This talk is not an attempt to convert others, it is only for those who want a better understanding.

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What is the Bahai Faith? An educational talk + Q&A

As the youngest independent world religion, originating in 1844 in Iran, many people worldwide are yet to encounter the Bahá’í Faith, while others know only its most basic aspects and history. This talk and the Q&A that follows will be conducted by Bernardo Kerr, a Bahá’í currently undertaking a PhD in theology and religious studies at the University.

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What is Islam? An educational talk + Q&A

Islam is relevant to so many current issues, and an accurate understanding of those issues requires an accurate understanding of Islam. The talk will cover the central tenets of Islam, its history and its denominations. There will be an extended question and answer session immediately after the talk during which sensitive and honest questions will be encouraged. It would be a great opportunity to ask a Muslim how, for instance, issues of women and the veil, jihad, and ISIS relate back (if at all) to Islamic theology.

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Join the debate

Theology professor the Revd Dr Simon Oliver is hoping to spark public debate in his new role.

Appears in Issue 45

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