What is Catholicism? TheoSoc talk and Q&A

What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants? And what do Catholics really believe? Is the Pope really infallible? Why is Jesus’ mother so important? What is the Catholic view of homosexuality, abortion, and of other religions? What is a Saint? How does confession work?

In line with the other successful talks on world religions, TheoSoc presents a talk about the oft-misunderstood largest denomination of Christianity. As with the others, the purpose of this talk is to introduce people of different faiths or of no faith to the denomination. This talk is not an attempt to convert others, it is only for those who want a better understanding.

The talk will be given by the University’s Catholic Chaplain Andrew Cole and will explore the unique beliefs of Catholics in an open and respectful environment. A question and answer session will then be held for an hour giving the opportunity for more thoughful inquiries. By the end of the talk you will have a greater grasp on what makes a Christian a Catholic Christian. You will also know what Catholics have to say about their more controversial doctrines.

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