The adult learning dimensions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In this Centre for International Research Education seminar, Professor Alan Rogers will explore why adult learning was marginalised in Education for All (EFA) and the Millennium Development Goals and asks whether they will again be marginalised under the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is well known that EFA became almost exclusively Education for All Children, and the implementation of the MDGs also rarely involved adult education. In the discussions leading up to the formulation of SDG 4 (Education) adults barely featured, and current discussions of the implementation of SDG 4 also tend to omit adults. But adult learning features in many of the other SDGs, eg health, gender, environment etc. What are the implications of this divide? And how can we ensure that adult learning appears fully in both SDG 4 and the other targets? This seminar is based on a very recent international meeting held in UK to debate these issues.

View the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Refreshments will be available.

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