Science and Mathematics in Government: DNA profiles, border security and modern slavery

The University of Nottingham Rights Lab and School of Politics and International Relations are pleased to invite you to attend a talk by Professor Sir Bernard Silverman.

Science and mathematics are relevant to a very wide range of Government policies and operations. For example, if someone is arrested but not charged, for how long should their DNA profile be retained? How should resources be allocated to queues at the border? How many victims of modern slavery and human trafficking are there in the UK today? Sir Bernard Silverman will discuss these and other aspects of his work as Chief Scientific Adviser to the Home Office, and will reflect more broadly on issues around the contribution of science to public policy. A Q&A and discussion session will follow the talk.

This event will take place on Thursday 6 December at 5-6pm in A02 Highfield House, University Park Campus.

For details and booking, please visit the event page.

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