Rhymes and Reasons of Nottingham’s Multilingualism

As part of the Being Human Festival 2023.

Marking 75 years since the Empire Windrush arrived in Britain, marking the beginning of many waves of migration that have made the UK and Nottingham what it is today, ‘Rhymes and Reasons of Nottingham’s Multilingualism’ explores the variety of languages and dialects of English we hear spoken today. As Britain experiences shifting social realities, what inspirations and meanings lie hidden in the languages and dialects we speak?

An interactive map will allow visitors to listen to the voices of Nottingham today talking about their language – both local varieties of English and some of the many other languages used by Nottingham locals. Visitors of all ages will also enjoy the hands-on ‘World of Languages’ interactive games and you don’t need any German at all to take part in our ‘German Hip Hop – Rate this Song’ activity.

This event is part of the University of Nottingham’s festival Hub programme.

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