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Timber! Creative Writing, Poetics, and Feminism

This workshop considers the political energy of poetry and its incendiary potential – both in theory and practice.

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Storytelling for Mental Wellbeing

Mark Pearson (Assistant Prof Mental Health, University of Nottingham) and Andy Farr (artist) discuss the use of poetry and painting in recovery from trauma.

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Bears, Beers and Bards

Explore the hidden rhymes and reasons behind the old Nottingham such as Bearward Street (now Mount St.) and Houndsgate, where 17th-century locals would have seen bears and dogs walking through the streets.

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Creativity, Making Meaning and Mental Health

This two-hour interactive event will explore the links between mental health and making meaning through art, music, poetry, and conversation.

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Medieval Stories, Saints and Celebrations

The event will include a poetry reading, talk and play performance bringing the sculptures to life and linked to the story of St Zita, who is represented in one of the statues, and her miraculous ability to feed and care for the needy.

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Ward Off the Evil Eye!

This event will engage the audiences with the rhymes and reasons hidden in the vibrant glass artefacts of the Bronze Age Aegean through hands-on activities, discussions and games, using 3D printed artefacts and, a variety of coloured material such as lapis lazuli and reproduced glass beads.

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Laced with Meaning: Memories and Histories of Lace Workers

This event uncovers and shares the local and international history of lace making in Nottingham.

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Cheesed Off! Nottingham Food Riots, c.1750-1800

This interactive talk and a discussion will introduce attendees to Nottingham’s food protests in the later-18th century.

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Picasso, Art, and Faith: a thinking and drawing workshop

Working with local artist, Lorna Hamilton, this event will explore Picasso’s legacy as an artist through a ‘thinking and drawing’ workshop.

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Rhymes and Reasons of Nottingham’s Multilingualism

‘Rhymes and Reasons of Nottingham’s Multilingualism’ explores the variety of languages and dialects of English we hear spoken today. As Britain experiences shifting social realities, what inspirations and meanings lie hidden in the languages and dialects we speak?

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