Global cotton connections of the Derwent Valley: creative reflections

This free event is part of the AHRC Connected Communities Festival Fortnight 2015, and is open to anyone interested in reflecting on the global connections of the Derwent Valley and its world heritage site.

The free sessions will celebrate heritage legacy materials produced by two community groups of African Caribbean and Indian cultural backgrounds as part of the Global Cotton Connections: East Meets West in the Derbyshire Peak District project,. The Nottingham Slave Trade Legacies group has produced a short film on cotton and its connections to the slave trade and their experiences of the presentation of this history in Derwent Valley cotton mill venues. The Sheffield Hindu Samaj group has created a selection of poetry and photos reflecting on Peak District cotton histories and legacies, and a guided walk. The 45-minute sessions will involve presentation of the film and photos and poetry readings, together with Q&A discussions with a panel of Slave Trade Legacies and Hindu Samaj group members. The venue will also host other materials related to the Global Cotton Connections project, coordinated by The University of Nottingham, The University of Sheffield and The University of Leicester, including historical research information.

Sessions begin at 10am, 12 noon and 2pm.

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