Flat Stanley

This Christmas, Lakeside welcomes the return of Flat Stanley, after its premiere here in 2009. Based on the popular 1964 children’s novel of the same name by Jeff Brown, it has been adapted for the stage by Mike Kenny.

This classic story follows the adventures of Stanley Lambchop, once an ordinary healthy boy, until a heavy bulletin board falls on him in his sleep! He awakes to find he has been flattened, and is now only half an inch thick.

However, it does not take Stanley long to discover how much fun being flat as a pancake can really be. He can slide under closed doors, be flown like a kite by his brother, and even visits a friend in California simply by folding himself up and posting himself there! Join Stanley as he embarks upon fun and heroic adventures that will fill you full of wonder at Christmas time.

Relaxed Performance- Sunday 7 December 3.30pm
British Sign Language Interpreted Performance- Wednesday 17th December both performances.

(Various times and prices- see Nottingham Lakeside Arts’ website for details)

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