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Play screening: Key Change

The Centre for Research in Race and Rights presents a screening of the Open Clasp Theatre Company’s play ‘Key Change’.

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Black Beauty

Saddle up, jump on and gallop headlong into a story where loneliness gives way to hope, friends become heroes, and courage saves the day.

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MADE. The Play

Brett Lee Roberts, Artistic Director of Target Theatre Company, presents ‘MADE. The Play’ to the Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies.

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The Jungle Book – an amateur production by arrangement with ARTFIELD

Nottingham Lakeside Arts and New Street Theatre present BB Cooper’s musical The Jungle Book, written by Toby Hulse.

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nottingham dance
blue stockings

Blue Stockings

Nottingham Lakeside Arts are delighted to be collaborating once again with The Nottingham New Theatre to co-produce Blue Stockings — a play by Jessica Swale with a full student cast.

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Girl with all the Gifts = Pandora? Greek mythology in Mike Carey’s Melanie-stories

Dr Lynn Fotheringham, Department of Classics and part of the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception, gives this talk exploring the link between the Pandora figure in Greek mythology and upcoming film The Girl with all the Gifts, based on the novel by MR Carey.

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STUFF – Nottingham New Theatre’s Student Fringe Festival

Taking place this summer, STUFF will be showcasing the very best that the Nottingham New Theatre, The University of Nottingham, and other student theatres have to offer.

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What’s on at Nottingham Lakeside Arts?

Nottingham Lakeside Arts’ programme for April to August 2016 has arrived! Highlights include David Jones: Vision […]

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Polari: the lost and found gay language

Professor Paul Baker, Lancaster University, joins us to discuss the history of Polari – a ‘form of theatrical slang incorporating Italianate words, rhyming slang, and Romany, used especially by homosexuals’ (Oxford Dictionaries).

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