Bibliotherapy: reading to help your mental health

As part of The University of Nottingham Month of the Mind programme, we are delighted to welcome Margaret Glenn, Associate Professor & Coordinator, Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counselling, West Virginia University.

Plato is given credit for the comment “We become what we contemplate” St. Augustine and other thought leaders from different cultures over the centuries have also reminded us of this fact. The question for educators, counselors and the general public is “how do we facilitate contemplation that leads to growth, resiliency and healing among specific groups of people?”

One approach may be through reflective meditation, a powerful tool for gaining breakthroughs in personal or professional inquiries or to come to a conclusive insight about a key idea in science and philosophy. Another is bibliotherapy, an approach that uses reading to help people address different life situations or to explore concepts and more global perspectives.

Combining these two approaches to discovery Dr. Glenn and her colleague, Chanelle Pickens are implementing a research project that will combine bibliotherapy with reflective meditation practice as an intervention for university students who may be at risk for dropping out.

The presentation will include background on the need and implementation, as well as to generate opportunities for collaboration and input into the process.

This event is free but please register online.

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