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Catering, hospitality and conferencing update

As more staff and students have returned to campus it is a good time to remind […]

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Estates and Hospitality Team Focus

Estates and hospitality colleagues across the University of Nottingham are invited to a team focus meeting […]

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Welcoming animals: the borders of hospitality

The Travel Cultures Network and Professor Judith Still present ‘Welcoming animals: the borders of hospitality’. This paper will consider the defining of hospitality and inhospitality in more than one language in relation to ‘man’ and his ‘others’.

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‘Hospitelity’: assembling care in medical tourism

The Travel Cultures Network welcomes Dr David Bell from The University of Leeds to deliver ‘”Hospitelity”: assembling care in medical tourism’. Admission free, all welcome.

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Exploring hospitality as welcome

The Travel Cultures Network presents ‘Exploring hospitality as welcome’, a guest lecture from Professor Paul Lynch, Edinburgh Napier University.

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