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The implications of Lacanian Theory for understanding authenticity in tourism

Presented by the Travel Cultures Network in collaboration with the Development Studies Association – Tourism Study Group, as part of the 2017-2018 seminar series: Authenticity and Development Discourses in Tourism.

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Welcoming animals: the borders of hospitality

The Travel Cultures Network and Professor Judith Still present ‘Welcoming animals: the borders of hospitality’. This paper will consider the defining of hospitality and inhospitality in more than one language in relation to ‘man’ and his ‘others’.

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Researching multilingually: dialogues between tourism and language learning

The Travel Cultures Network welcome Professor Alison Phipps, University of Glasgow, to deliver the lecture ‘Researching multilingually: dialogues between tourism and language learning’.

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‘Hospitelity’: assembling care in medical tourism

The Travel Cultures Network welcomes Dr David Bell from The University of Leeds to deliver ‘”Hospitelity”: assembling care in medical tourism’. Admission free, all welcome.

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Constructing consumer responsibility: exploring the role of corporate communications

Institute for Science and Society seminar by Dr Robert Caruana, Associate Professor of Business Ethics, exploring corporate responsibility using discourse analysis. Followed by tea and coffee.

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Life through a lens

From the lecture theatre to your TV screen.

Appears in Issue 42

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