Staff Information Fair: Today in Pope building

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Next Generation Programme: update

June 25, 2024

Digital and Technology Services are excited to update you on the Next Generation Programme, a key…

Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance: professional staff exchange programme

June 24, 2024

Professional Services and technical staff from across the university are invited to submit a proposal that…

Tusker – drive a better car through salary sacrifice

June 21, 2024

The university partners with Tusker, the UK’s leading salary sacrifice car provider, to offer a fairly-priced…

New Vision for Sport - June 18, 2024

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Empowering Us All: A Conference on the Importance of Wellbeing in the Workplace

25 — 26 June 2024

This online conference is for anyone who is interested in exploring the importance of wellbeing in…

The Byron 200 Lecture

27 June 2024

Join us for a lively panel discussion, chaired by Associate Professor Richard Gaunt from the Department of…

The wonders of the human heart

30 June 2024

Join Aishah Nasir and Chris Denning from the Biodiscovery Institute here at the University of Nottingham…

Smart spiders

7 July 2024

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