Next Generation Network Programme: update

June 25th, 2024

Digital and Technology Services are excited to update you on the Next Generation Network Programme, a key part of our commitment to advancing our technological infrastructure and enhancing the overall experience on our campuses. 

Aims of the Next Generation Network

  • Refresh our aging infrastructure: Modernising our current systems to ensure reliability and efficiency. 
  • Develop an improved on-campus experience: Enhancing connectivity and accessibility across all campus buildings. 
  • Enhance online teaching: Providing robust support for online learning platforms. 
  • Improve overall security for everyone: Implementing advanced security measures to protect our network and data. 

The Next Generation Network SharePoint has launched to provide transparent project progress and updates on the schedule of works.

It will include intended dates for future works, news articles, campus progress maps and FAQs to keep everyone informed and engaged. 

Outcomes of Next Generation Network 

Service Improvement   

  • Increased stable, faster and better Wi-Fi coverage. 
  • More insights and automation. 

For Students  

  • More flexibility to access the network across campuses. 
  • Improved functionality for halls of residence ‘in-room’ network. 

For Teaching   

  • Reliable, high-performance network for online teaching and media content. 

For Researchers   

  • Faster implementation of new network segments. 
  • Greater ability to meet security compliance requirements. 

Future Strategy   

  • Smart campus features like monitoring and location-based services. 
  • Ability to scale up bandwidth to meet future needs. 


Surveys and designs for the wireless network are now complete. This process involved walking through each building and assessing where the wireless access points should be placed, guided by heat map surveys to decide the best possible network service. 


The pilots for installing new cabling are planned for Yang Fujia and Sir Clive Granger. These pilots aim to gather valuable insights and lessons that will help inform the approach for the rest of the buildings across our campuses. The pilots will take place on the following dates: 

  • Yang Fujia: Monday 8 July to Wednesday 17 July 
  • Sir Clive Granger: Thursday 18 July to Wednesday 14 August 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please leave feedback on the Next Generation Network SharePoint or email:

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