Staff Cricket Festival 2024: recap and look back

June 26th, 2024

10 teams, 80 players and over 15 schools and departments represented: the Staff Cricket Festival was back, bigger and better than ever, following a Covid-induced absence of several years.

The Festival took place at Highfields Sports Ground on Monday 17 and Wednesday 19 June involving teams of eight from across the university. The event was blessed by good weather, lots of enthusiasm and some excellent cricket.

Teams were ranked by net run rate meaning UoN Sports B ended up the winner with the Business School coming a close second.

The Estates team were given the Spirit of Cricket award for their camaraderie, cheery spirit and inclusive approach.

Festival organiser, Professor David Paton from the Business School, commented:

“It was great to see the level of interest in cricket across the University. Pretty much every team included people who had not picked up a cricket bat for many years and for some it was their first game of cricket ever.

It was also lovely to see such a mix of people from different job families and from all parts of the University.

On behalf of all the participants, I’d like to give a vote of thanks to the grounds staff and UoN Sports (especially Glynn Dignam) for their support in making the event happen.”

After the success of this year’s event, the hope is to make it a regular fixture in the university calendar. So keep an eye out for news if you fancy getting a team together next summer.

Staff Cricket Festival results

Match 1: Humanities 87 for 5; Life Sciences A 88 for 3. Life Sciences A won by 4 wickets.

Outstanding player for Humanities: Jonathan Kwan

Outstanding player for Life Sciences A: Matt Jacks

Match 2: Chemistry 117 for 4; UoN Sports Greens 96 for 4. Chemistry won by 21 runs.

Outstanding player for UoN Sport Greens: James Bateman

Outstanding player for Life Chemistry: Ben Garrett

Match 3: UoN Sports Golds130 for 2; Estates 100 for 5. UoN Sports B won by 30 runs.

Outstanding player for Estates: Richard Wigginton

Outstanding player for UoN Sport Golds: Laura Sainsbury

Match 4: UoN Allstars 113 for 3; Finance 114 for 4. Finance won by 4 wickets.

Outstanding player for UoN Allstars: Asif Nawaz

Outstanding player for Finance: Kuldeep Singh

Match 5: Life Sciences B 71 for 5; NUBS 72 for 1. NUBS won by 6 wickets.

Outstanding player for NUBS: Louise Thomson

Outstanding player for Life Sciences B: Adam Plumbley

Cricket Festival Top 5 teams (based on net run rate)

Team Net run rate

  1. UoN Sport Golds B 1.88
  2. NUBS 1.56
  3. Chemistry 1.31
  4. Life Science A 0.18
  5. Finance 0.14

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