Upcoming Events

Meaning Making on the Pathways of Science Communication

26 March 2019

A School of Education Seminar hosted by the Learning Sciences Research Institute.

Geographies of money: Chinese finance in London

27 March 2019

In this lecture, Professor Sarah Hall will discuss the changing nature of London as one of the world’s leading international financial centres.

Electric and Hybrid Electric Commercial Aircraft; A practical approach

28 March 2019

The Propulsion Futures Beacon presents a talk by Alan K Prichard FRAeS.

Horticultural workshop: ‘planting bulbs in the green’

30 March 2019

Learn how to plant bulbs in a form known as ‘Planting in the Green’.

Closing loops and opening minds? Is a ‘circular economy’ business as usual or a harbinger of change?

2 April 2019

The circular economy is a ‘framework for thinking’ about resources – so what does that mean? How does it work? What might it imply for looking at novel technologies?

International Autism Month Seminar

3 April 2019

This event is being offered by the School of Education to celebrate International Autism Month and to raise awareness of the needs of young people on the autism spectrum.

Precision Imaging Beacon — Catalyst Engagement Event

5 April 2019

The Precision Imaging Beacon Team are hosting a launch event for the Precision Imaging Catalyst funding call.

The singer not the song? Core constituents of psychological therapies

5 April 2019

Dr Thomas A Schröder’s inaugural lecture charts a course of personal progression alongside developments in the field.

Losing her voice

6 — 7 April 2019

Nottingham Lakeside Arts is thrilled to premiere University of Nottingham Composer Elizabeth Kelly’s first opera.