Upcoming Events

Managing Menopause & Working Life – Womens Staff Network [UPDATED]

1 April 2020

This event, on the topic of Managing Menopause & Working Life will be delivered by Professor Amanda Griffiths. 

Showcasing the Social Impact Game: how to make a social impact wherever you are

1 April 2020

Do you just produce results, or do you make an Impact – maybe even a Social Impact – with your work?

Supporting young people with autism: What teachers need to know [Cancelled]

2 April 2020

Following the success of last year’s seminar to mark World Autism Awareness Week, the School of Education is again hosting a free event

POSTPONED: Reconfiguring Chinese independent documentary in a global context

3 April 2020

This event is a public lecture and film screening of The Two Lives of Ermao presented by the Centre for Contemporary East Asian Cultural Studies.

Cancelled: Total Food 2020: maximising value from the food chain

15 — 17 April 2020

Please be aware this event has now been cancelled. Total Food 2020 will be a gathering […]

Mending a broken heart: researching cardiovascular disease [Cancelled]

16 April 2020

This event, the next in our series of science public lectures will discuss cardiovascular disease and the research being done in this area. 

Climate change: how can mathematics help us to respond?

20 April 2020

To help us celebrate Earth Day.  Professor Pope’s evening public lecture will focus on climate change and how mathematics could possibly help us to respond.

Interactive talk on health and wellbeing

29 April 2020

Journey with Dr. Helen Garr to learn tips and tools to recognise and prevent burnout, and promote wellbeing and happiness in work and life. 

Keratinocyte Cancer: an evidence-based update

5 May 2020

Each spring the Centre for Evidence Based Dermatology (CEBD) holds an Annual Evidence Based Update Meeting, The 2020 meeting will be looking at the treatment of keratinoctye cancers.

Travel and otherness

6 May 2020

Jean Xavier’s presentation will show the importance of travel narratives in the evolution of contemporary thinking about the Other.