Upcoming Events

Science Public Lecture Series: Quantum resources and where to find them

12 December 2019

A lecture delivered by Professor Gerardo Adesso on quantum resources and where to find them. The […]

Employee Hub Demonstrations by Sodexo

16 December 2019

Take part in a short demonstration of the University of Nottingham Employee Hub.

Employee Assistance Programme – Drop-in Session with Sodexo

16 December 2019

Did you know that the university offers a range of benefits through the Employee assistance Programme?

Pharmaceutics: Science, Art and Interfaces

16 December 2019

In this inaugural lecture Professor Snow Stolnik will review his work surrounding new drug formulations for use in future medicines. 

Christmas graduation plant sale 2019

17 December 2019

This year’s Christmas Graduation Plant Sale will be taking place in Grounds Greenhouses, Keighton Hill, next […]

Spotlight on… clean language for teams – a communication approach

19 December 2019

This Spotlight session explores the topic of communication using a technique called “clean language”.

Spotlight on… strategy, planning and performance

7 January 2020

This Spotlight On … session will help colleagues to understand the University approach to Strategic Planning.

Systematic Review Training: Short Course

13 — 17 January 2020

The Nottingham Centre for Evidence Based Healthcare is inviting applications for its popular short course on systematic reviewing.

Female Academic forum for Entrepreneurs

15 January 2020

Join Vice Chancellor Professor Shearer West on Wednesday 15 January for the launch of the forum and hear from a range of inspiring female academic entrepreneurs and experts.

Science Public Lecture Series: Tens of thousands of galaxies at a glance

16 January 2020

In this talk, Meghan will tell the story of how some chance weather on a mountaintop in Chile led to the work that would take up the next 15 years of her career.