Upcoming Events

Festival of Lessons and Carols 2022

8 December 2022

Hosted by the Chaplaincy team, this year’s annual Christmas Carol Service is an opportunity to join the university community in festive song.

Disablism and being an ally talk

12 December 2022

As part of the university’s Disability Recognition Month celebrations, this talk will be focused around how workplaces can become more inclusive to all members of the community.

From ‘me’ to ‘we’ a new paradigm for security

13 December 2022

To find answers, we must reclaim the notions of interdependency and common security. Individually, we can (and must) be part of the solutions, but society must rediscover that climate security will only be found through interdependencies (with each other and with nature).

From memory to mind uploading

15 December 2022

Join Angela Thornton as she explores a hypothetical futuristic world where brains can be emulated, augmented and uploaded.