Upcoming Events

Trust Me, I’m a Philosopher

21 January 2020

This lecture will explore philosophical analyses of the nature of trust and their relevance to both wider society and work in other disciplines.

Lianas, tropical forests and the global carbon cycle

22 January 2020

In this lecture, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Geertje van der Heijden will explore the functioning of the carbon cycle and indicate its importance in mitigating some of the effects of human-induced increases in atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Brain cancer through a Darwinian lens

23 January 2020

Join Dr Ruman Rahman, Assistant Professor at UoN’s Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre for this free lecture.

Educating about genocide: remembering the pink triangle prisoners of Sachsenhausen

27 January 2020

Our starting point in this lecture is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 ‘Standing together’.

Spotlight on… performance management conversations

30 January 2020

This is an interactive session discussing a selection performance conversations and different approaches to use.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Lecture Series: Bill Bryson: ‘Travels Around my Body”

31 January 2020

The next event in our “Vice-Chancellor’s Lecture Series” will be delivered by distinguished author, Bill Bryson OBE. In his newest book, The Body: A guide for occupants, Bryson sets off to explore the human body, how it functions and its remarkable ability to heal itself.

Summer Schools Fair 2020

5 February 2020

Have an experience of a lifetime at a global summer school

Policy challenges for the new government

6 February 2020

In the aftermath of the Conservatives’ decisive election victory Paul Johnson will look at some of the challenges the new government will face.

Teacher training open day

8 February 2020

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Come and visit the University of Nottingham’s School of Education and see why our Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses have been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Monetary policy in the intangible economy

11 February 2020

This speech, which should be accessible to non-economists, sets out some first thoughts on the effect of intangibles on long-run interest rates and the short-run monetary transmission mechanism.