Upcoming Events

The Law Governing all Laws: Daoism and Happiness

22 April 2021

This free online event, which takes place on Thursday 22 April, between and 6pm and 7pm, will explore the philosophy established by Laozi over 2,000 years ago which still influences everyday life in China and serves as a rich source for dealing with how we feel and how these teachings are within everyone’s reach.

Initial Teacher Education Information Event

27 April 2021

At Initial Teacher Education, based in the school of education, we believe that every child deserves to have an education that enables them to reach their full potential. By becoming a teacher, you can nurture and inspire children.

A graph inside a lightbulb

The Power of Creative Destruction

10 May 2021

This free online event, which takes place on Monday 10 May, between and 5pm and 6pm will feature Philippe Aghion  talking about his book, ” The Power of Creative Destruction: Economic Upheaval and the Wealth of Nations”.

Ingenuity Through Music

19 May 2021

The Ingenuity Lab would like to invite you to a special online event, Ingenuity through Music with Haydn Green Institute Director, Professor Simon Mosey.