Understanding your adolescent’s brain – part 1: building connected relationships to protect against risk-taking behaviour

Part one of the Parent and Teen ‘Connectness’ Programme (Duration 3 days).

This interactive three-part workshop will ensure you gain an understanding of the social, emotional and cognitive changes that happen during adolescence whilst developing your very own personalised tools that will help you to build a more connective relationship to position you to protect against adolescent age-related risk.

This programme is delivered by Annika Vassell, who is a psychologist with over 25 years experience specialising in adolescent behaviour, and who operates a ‘No Judgment – No Blame – No Shame’ approach in training events.

Q&A can be taken throughout the day to gain clarity on addressing specific needs as related to the workshop.

Who should attend:

These courses are appropriate for University of Nottingham staff with children aged between 9 – 19 years.

Please bring your own lunch or be prepared to buy lunch on campus.

Early booking is recommended: Register for part 1.

Next parts:

  • Part 2: Monday 22 July: Understanding your adolescent’s brain – effective communication and confident parenting. Register for part 2.
  • Part 3: Monday 29 July: Challenging negative adolescent attitude and behaviour and strategies to address adolescent anxiety & depression at home. Register for part 3.

Please note: you must attend Day 1 of the programme before attending Day 2 and Day 3.

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