The Watermelon Woman

The Watermelon Woman is set in the ’90s and was made in 1996 in the days when video shops were popular and most people had a video recorder and played VHS videos.

The film’s main Character is called Cheryl (played by Cheryl Dunye) who is a young black film-maker and works in a video hire shop with her friend Tamara.

Cheryl takes an interest in black actresses from the 1930s and notices that they are often not in the credits and stereotypically are given the role of a servant. Cheryl investigates further why one particular actress (Fae) has only made one film.

Her research leads Cheryl to think this actress might have been a lesbian. As well as her investigation, Cheryl meets a white woman called Diana, in the store, who flirts with Cheryl. They have an affair and Tamara accuses Cheryl of wanting to be white.

The screening will be introduced by Dr Sue Price, Assistant Professor in Counselling in the School of Education and will end with a discussion and Q&A session chaired by Dr Val Watson, Head of the University Counselling Service and Chair of the BME Staff Network.

Please note: This film contains scenes of a sexual nature. Certified for viewers aged 18+ only.

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