The Role of Language of Instruction in Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4

A School of Education seminar hosted by the Centre for International Education Research.

Presented by Dr Lizzy Okpebva-Milligan, University of Bath.

In this seminar, Dr Lizzy Okpebva-Milligan will make the case that more attention on language of instruction is needed for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4 and education for all. She will review the existing evidence base about the role of language of instruction in relation to quality, equity and inclusion and highlight the limited references to such language issues in the SDG agenda. This will be drawn from a forthcoming co-authored book chapter with Professor Zubeida Desai and Professor Carol Benson and a recent British Council project with Dr Harry Kuchah about English Medium Instruction in Francophone Cameroon.

Dr Lizzy Okpebva-Milligan is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bath. Her research interests focus on issues of social justice, rights and educational quality in low income countries. She particularly explores the disjuncture between policy and practice and the impact this has on inequalities in learning experiences and outcomes. She advocates the use of mixed-methods approaches to enable greater understanding of the impact of policies for teachers, learners and parents in school and community settings. Her recent research includes the potential for language supportive learning in English Medium classrooms in Rwanda; the barriers to the effective use of teaching and learning materials in Rwanda and South Africa; local and national perspectives of educational quality in Free Day Secondary Education in Kenya; and the processes of innovation in educational research. She also has a strong interest in cross-cultural research, particularly regarding researcher positioning and ethics.

Please note this event will be recorded and made available online.

12.00–2.00 pm, Thursday 18 October 2018: Room C42, Dearing Building, Jubilee Campus.

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