SABRE – the next leap forward in powered flight

In this Royal Aeronautical Society event, Mark Thomas (Managing Director, Reaction Engines Ltd) will introduce SABRE (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine), a new engine class that can operate in both air-breathing and rocket modes.

SABRE is a revolutionary class of aerospace engine developed by Reaction Engines Ltd in collaboration with BAE Systems. It is capable of Mach 5 speed in conventional mode, in the atmosphere, and of Mach 25 in rocket mode, to allow spaceflight.

Mark Thomas was appointed Managing Director, CEO and member of the Board of Reaction Engines Ltd based in Culham, Oxfordshire (UK) in May 2015.

In his current role with Reaction Engines Mark is leading development of the truly unique SABRE (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine) concept, a new class of Aerospace propulsion system and enabler for low cost, responsive space access and high speed air travel.

Admission is free, but please register online.

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