Roundtable event: decolonising the curriculum

Join us for a roundtable discussion with Drs Mohsen al-AttarFoluke Adebisi and Babatunde Fagbayibo.

University of Nottingham students and staff (academic and administrative) and other interested stakeholders based at the university are invited to this event to engage in a conversation with three renowned experts on efforts around the world to decolonise the curriculum.

Collectively, these experts will assess the Guide for Critical Reflection and Action developed in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the university.

They will also offer views on the ways in which the guide can be improved and offer their own narrative to decolonise the curriculum.

Dr Fagbayibo will discuss the role of cultural artefacts in decolonising the international law curriculum, especially from an African perspective.

Dr Foluke Adebisi will engage in a discussion on the decolonisation for the purpose of use by higher education institutions as Dr Mohsen al-Attar explores the struggles over the meaning and machinery of learning.

After a panel discussion involving students at the university, the discussion will then move on to engage with the audience, to locate best practices at UoN, identify challenges and outline ways forward.

Refreshments: On arrival (tea coffee biscuits water fruit juice)

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