Research Culture Conference: Building a healthy & high-performing research ecosystem

The Researcher Academy is pleased to invite all research staff, postgraduate research students, technicians, academics, senior leaders, and professional service staff to come together during Nottingham’s first Research Culture Conference.

The conference will explore how we can transform our research culture into one that empowers everyone involved in research to feel valued, achieve their very best and fulfil their highest ambitions.

Research Culture comprises the behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes, and norms of our research communities. It influences researchers’ career paths and determines the way that research is conducted and communicated.

At Nottingham, we want to build a healthy and ambitious Research Culture that aims to solve the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced while nurturing talent.

Working together and sharing personal and collective responsibility will ensure we create a diverse, inclusive, equitable, forward-looking, and high-performing research community.

At this conference, you will:

  • participate in open discussions about what a healthy research culture at Nottingham should be
  • share challenges that you face as a researcher and be part of collective problem solving
  • see examples of how colleagues are improving research culture in their areas
  • hear from leaders in the Researcher Community

We build culture together through our words and actions.

Join us and together we can ensure Nottingham is a place where all members of the researcher community can thrive.

Please note that 7 July is also results day for our undergraduate students, and it is expected that some members of the researcher community e.g. personal tutors and course leaders, will need to prioritise their availability for those students receiving their results. 

If you cannot attend the full day, you can book to attend either the am or pm session. In addition, for any colleagues who cannot attend the in-person event, recordings from keynote talks and summaries of workshop discussions will be made available on-demand via the Researcher Academy SharePoint after the conference.

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