Politics as a location: new frontiers of political research

As political practice becomes increasingly unsettled, it is necessary for those who research it to engage with new challenges and analyse them from new angles.

Post-graduate research is integral to this agenda by introducing new scholars, new perspectives, new methods and new frontiers.

All the varied fields of politics and international relations are undergoing change in subject and approach. The boundaries of disciplines are tested by inter-, multi- and trans- disciplinary approaches. Public choice analyses and quantitative approaches engage with new data sources as well as more nuanced methods of analysis. International relations theory is engaging with new insights from feminist, post-colonial, queer, and geographical critiques and discourses. Political thought continues to expand the range of voices studied and reassess classic writers through new perspectives. The rise of populisms and nationalisms allows comparative and contemporary politics to re-approach classic theories and grapple with new politics. In a shifting landscape, researchers native to the new paradigms or comfortable engaging with new discourses represent the future of the discipline. Postgraduate research is always the production of innovative, new knowledge and is situated to reflect the frontiers of political research.

The 7th Annual Nottingham Postgraduate Conference in Politics and International Relations takes this initiative to heart, featuring postgraduate scholars from a variety of universities and disciplines presenting their work on topics ranging from social movements to social media, from critical counterterrorism to campaigns and campaigning, and beyond.

This conference will take place at 10am-5.30pm on Thursday 20 June in the Law and Social Sciences Building, University Park and feature a keynote by Professor Shirin M. Rai of the University of Warwick.

For more information, and to register your place, please visit the event page.

If you have any questions, please contact the conference organising team: polgradconf@nottingham.ac.uk.

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