Policy challenges for the new government

The Institute for Policy and Engagement brings you another instalment of its public lectures series. We are delighted that the next speaker is going to be Paul Johnson, Director of Institute for Fiscal Studies.

In the aftermath of the Conservatives’ decisive election victory Paul Johnson will look at some of the challenges the new government will face. Beyond Brexit the big challenges will include promoting earnings and productivity growth after a decade of stagnation, addressing a housing market which is creating huge problems for the younger generation, tackling public service reform, especially of social care, and preparing for a rapidly ageing population. Paul will put these challenges in context and set out some of the policy options available to the new government

The series offers you the chance to hear from people who can offer insights into a complex and rapidly changing world that defies traditional analysis, and who can reflect on what it means to be an “expert” and to build trust in a less deferential, sceptical and often polarised environment.

The talk will be followed by Q&A and a drinks reception open to all.

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