Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020: Hyper-local engagement

As part of the Institute for Policy and Engagement’s “Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020” fortnight, this online workshop will delve into a new era of hyper-local engagement.

During COVID-19 there has been much talk of hyper-localism, of small geographical communities coming together to support one another. How are these communities communicating and organising themselves? What can researchers learn from their non digital engagement?

Nottingham Digitally Engaged 2020

The Institute for Policy and Engagement presents a fortnight of online events designed to explore recent developments in both policy and public engagement. In a world increasingly connected through digital means this online version of the annual Nottingham Engaged Conference brings together a mix of internal and external expertise. Join us to discover new approaches, share your experiences, participate in debates and ensure you are aware of the factors impacting these fields. Topics to be included build on our past programmes and are delivered in the context of the UK’s departure from the EU, the global pandemic and a new age for digital engagement.

Speaker Profiles:

David Owen, Associate, National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement
Rachel Feneley, Lakeside Arts Theatre
Maria Richards, Programme and Project Manager, Institute for Policy and Engagement

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