‘My experience as a transgender woman’ with Jessica Lynn

Presented as part of Month of the Mind 2018, we are delighted to welcome Jessica Lynn, international speaker and outspoken advocate for transgender issues, to the University on Tuesday 29 May.

Jessica Lynn is renowned around the globe for her dynamic, refreshingly honest speaking style and ongoing tour series. Lynn is consistently in demand at many of the world’s biggest universities, zigzagging the planet in an effort to educate and inform students and staff on her own experiences as a parent living as a transgender woman.

As the former president of Your True Gender, a non-profit based in California, and now a Global Ambassador to the Kinsey Institute, Lynn also helps coordinate workshops and conferences. Her position in life has left her uniquely qualified to testify to the hardships as well as the ultimate fulfillment of gender transition, in legal standing and in her personal life.

Jessica Lynn’s talk will cover her transition and assorted issues both legal and ethical involving gender identity. She gives her audience an inside look into her psyche before, during and now after her transition, which emboldens the fact that people who transition at an earlier age go on to lead more open, fulfilling lives because of it. Previous audiences have said that Jessica is able to put words to feelings of gender dysphoria that can be otherwise difficult to grasp, from early childhood development onto adulthood. She delves into coping mechanisms, which highlight some of the different forms self-harm can take, and how she found peace ultimately by living in her true gender.

Refreshments included.

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