Meeting the needs of the child/young person with visual impairment in the mainstream setting

Presented by Gwyneth McCormack as part of the SEN and Disabilities Seminar Series 2018/9 .

This seminar will raise awareness of the impact of visual impairment on the child’s learning and development and on their access to the curriculum. Practical strategies and application of appropriate resources to enable access and to positively support the inclusion of the child within the school or setting will be delivered through an interactive approach. Gwyneth McCormack’s background working as a Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairments (VI) extends over 20 years, as both a teacher of VI and as a Head of a Peripatetic Support Service for VI, supporting children and young people with VI in homes, early years settings, schools and colleges.

Gwyneth is now the Director of Positive Eye which she established in September 2008 to provide an educational consultancy and training service for professionals who work with children and young people with visual impairment, both in the UK and Europe.  In addition Gwyn has also developed a unique product range written, published and sold through Positive Eye to meet the needs of practitioners working with children with VI.

This event will take place on Wednesday 5 December at 16.30-18.30 in A32 Dearing Building, Jubilee Campus.

For further information, and to register, please visit the event page.

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