Lido to Lakeside 1924 to 1992

Celebrating 25 years of Nottingham Lakeside Arts,  in a special installation, the Djanogly Gallery will be re-imagined as the old Highfields Park Lido.

Commissioned digital artist Barret Hodgson invites visitors to take a unique and interactive dip through the decades, from the opening of the Lido in 1924, through to its final season in 1980, and on to the opening of the Djanogly Gallery in 1992. The two week installation is an immersive, and at times interactive, 25 minute experience for everyone to enjoy, inspired by memories and images of Highfields Lido, and featuring highlights of exhibitions from the Djanogly Gallery from the last 25 years.

This installation opens on Saturday 17 June and will run until Sunday 2 July.

To book tickets and view showing times, please visit the Lakeside Arts webpage.

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