LGBT rights are human rights

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Join the Centre for Research in Race and Rights and The University of Nottingham Research Priority Area in Rights and Justice for a discussion focusing on LGBT rights around the world.

Dr Emma Long (University of East Anglia) will discuss same-sex marriage and the United States Supreme Court, and the ways in which Americans have resisted the Court decision. The political controversy over clerk Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licences is one famous example – why do many Americans, with their reverence for the Constitution, believe religion can trump politics?

Ibtisam Ahmed (University of Nottingham) will focus on South Asia, and how arts and culture have been used to bypass the anti-homosexuality rulings (for example, films about queer characters in India and plays and comic books with queer characters in Bangladesh) as a means of activism.

Juan Anzola (University of Nottingham) will discuss how LGBTQs have been affected during the Colombian armed conflict, specifically addressing some of the reasons why these individuals were targeted by paramilitary and guerilla groups, and also, how the Colombian Government and civil society as a whole, recurrently neglected the violence and crimes perpetrated against them.

Free, all welcome. Book online.

Part of our LGBT History Month celebrations 2016. For a full gallery of events, visit our blog.

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